Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Auto content writer should you buy it

 Well I have been doing seo for quite some time now and have recently decided to no longer do blackhat seo(as it was too risky and whitehat seo is far better and helps you create a good brand which people respect) but that doesn't mean I dont know blackhat seo.. I do.. and I know exactly what you must do to stay ahead and get to number 1 on google using seo tools... In my opinion auto content writer is not one of them.. far from it. Auto content writer is hyped up so much on their website page and for the money it really isnt worth it.. even though it is cheap.. it really isnt worth the couple $$ you pay for it because of how it lacks in basic features.. never updates and isnt very good for seo down to the fact it produces erm lets just say very un unique duplicate content articles which will not help you rank very highly in google.. as panda will penalize you site if or the sites you post these articles you get from auto content writer. Auto content writer doesn't have a word spinner.. a basic feature which should be in any seo content writer... auto content writer does not get articles from anywhere but a couple article directories where the articles are sed over and over again on loads of websites... scrapers use the same articles repeatably.. and so do auto content writer users... so chances are huge chunks of your article will be somewhere else... not just on the article directory you got it from but other spammy websites... Article content writer works by spinning sentences and paragraphs together and adding image and video html links and codes in random places which sometimes dont even make sense.... Nor does some of the content it produces make much sense so dont think you can use the content on your main site.. otherwise you main site wont make much sense. The fact is there are plenty other tools that do what auto content writer does and more... you just gotta find them...I wasted my money after being drawn in by the sale page of auto content writer.. dont make the same mistake I did. It does do exactly what it syas on the salepage... mixes sentences and paragraphs together and other stuff it says it does but nothing else extra... which makes it abit pointless really in my eyes. Im not the only on who doesnt like auto content writer.

Auto content writer is rather comical really... very comical that iot has never been updates since I got it despite promises "there is going to be a major update soon!" hmm....